Paypal Login is Nightmare for Users

Everything about the way Paypal works is nauseating. They cannot even handle simple things in a right way. We’ve heard thousands of user stories about how Paypal took their money and never returned to them. However, recently I experienced bigger problems with Paypal login. Whenever I visited my account from Firefox it didn’t work.

The main problem was that it didn’t even say why I was unable to log in. It didn’t even hang to ask me to reload the page. There was no sign that anything was happening after I clicked on the ‘Login” button. So, I tried using a proxy server from an insecure terminal and I could finally log in. I was also increasingly having problems logging with Google Chrome.

Besides, the whole PayPal credit system is also so broken that I have decided to finally close my account and be done with the company. Your credit card, once tied to your Paypal account is the slave of the company. If it decides that you cannot pay on a site, then you truly cannot. You lose the freedom to use it anywhere you want.

For instance, I recently decided to buy something on eBay using my credit card. To my confusion, it didn’t accept the card and gave me the same old “payment could not be processed” message. I contacted eBay regarding the situation and they said that I should contact Paypal because the problem was from their end.

I went to the PayPal login page and contacted them using the number provided there. I had to wait for more than 20 minutes and suffer the grind of their voice menu before a non-robotic voice could be heard. After about 45 minutes of back and forth, the customer executive told me that my credit card couldn’t be used with this account because it was tied to an old Paypal account.

I had closed the old account because it wasn’t working properly and had opened a new account several years ago. I was really annoyed by the way they handle the account history. I had deleted the old account 4 years back and they still retained all the information contained in it, including the credit card. This is a really stupid policy that hurts innocent customers.

The customer support staff then tried to push the Paypal credit card down my throat, but I said ‘No thanks’. I finally closed my PayPal account and am living in peace since then.